Lately Ive really been struggling with my relationship with men and certain quotes pop up in my head from time to time. In an effort to purge them from my memory, I would like to make a list of some shitty things men have said to me.


After a fun day of shopping I tried on a cute green hoodie I just bought.  With a vicious little laugh my boyfriend exclaimed, “You look pregnant!” That was the beginning of the end of our sex life and ultimately our relationship. #fatshaming

While on a Tinder date recently, we were enjoying dinner at a sushi restaurant when my date expressed his disappointment after I bit my sushi in half, instead of shoving the whole thing in my mouth. “Oh you’re gonna make me just wonder?” he said. His comment obviously referring to a desire to know how big of a cock I could fit in my mouth.

While at a bar with a male friend, a woman walked in with perfect beautiful legs. I commented on them admiringly and told my friend to look. He took a quick look and in an unimpressed tone he said, “I cant tell, I would need to see them in the light to see if she has cellulite.” #ridiculousexpectations

While helping me move, my ex-boyfriend informed me that he had accidentally impregnated his fuck buddy. Him not wanting kids was one of the main reasons why we broke up. Obviously, I was upset and his response was, “I still love you. I wish this baby was with you.” Three years of my life to hear that shit after he gets some random girl pregnant. #life

I was 16 and working at a video store. My boss was a total pervert. He would call to “check in on the store” and then somehow make comments like, “We could never be together, I wouldnt be able to keep up with you in bed!” I was 16. I was 16!!

I was in middle school, sitting outside my biology class because I didn’t want to participate in dissecting a frog. A cute boy walked by and said, “Hey where are all the ho’s at? Do you want to be my ho?”

I was about to have sex with a guy I was dating and I mentioned that I had a bunch of bruises on my legs. (My diet had been really bad and I was bruising easily.) He pressed me about where I how I had received them. When I told him, he didn’t believe me and insinuated I was lying. It turned into a huge fight about something else, he shut down and stopped talking, and I left. A few months later we started seeing each other again and the original fight came up again. He said, “The truth is, I thought you were a heroine addict. I thought the bruises were from shooting heroine.” #wtf

After breaking up with a boyfriend I had been with for years, a friend of his immediately asked me out. This was a young man who I didn’t particularly like as a person, and I thought it was very disrespectful he would pursue me with such speed. I voice my opinion and he proceeded to harass me online and thru text for over 30 minutes about how I had “let myself go” and how fat and undesirable I was.  I eventually begged my ex-boyfriend to make him stop and he did. #harassment #entitlement

While texting with a guy about plans for our second date, he said, “Anywhere u wanna go? Chemical shed? Dark alley? Juusssttt kidding”. #rapejokes

I had just started dating a guy whom I had previously dated for a couple months. I really liked him but we had very different view on certain issues, therefore I was still a little skeptical. One night we were laying in bed talking when he told me how much he despised a particular woman on TV. “Have you ever just hated someone so much that you wanted to have sex with them? Have sex and then just laugh at them. Hah!” #supercreepy #sexualviolence

I met a guy through my college and he got my number. He expressed a desire to take me out sometime. Knowing I am a Gender and Womens Studies major, he asked my opinion on the womens liberation movement. I told him my thoughts and he proceeded to share his. I deleted the text but to summarize, he said, that womens liberation  was a product of capitalism and only led to more extreme exploitation of women. As a result of women joining the labor force, there is now no one to raise our children, which is the reason why men are growing up to be big man babies who cant handle anything. Then he tied everything back to why Trump was elected, basically blaming all our of problems on women demanding rights. #thatwasthelasttimewetalked #idiot
Oh and he also bragged about how he had come up with many solutions to capitalism but they were hard to implement. #malearrogance

While in junior college, a particular professor took me under his wing and gave me guidance. I was his TA for a semester, I helped clean out and organize his office. He told me everything I needed to do to prepare for grad school and apply to colleges. He helped me decide which University to attend and even looked over my application/essay. The summer after I graduated with my associates degree, he offered to meet with me to talk about my financial uncertainty about affording a University. During the meeting he got really nervous and was acting weird. He even forgot why we were meeting. He touched my leg and then proceeded to offer to pay my bills in return for an arrangement. I was flustered and my first reaction is always to laugh. I tried to play it off like it was a joke. “Like a sugar daddy?” I said. He replied, “yes”.  #betrayed #notajoke