We kissed for the very first time tonight. It started with an awkward car hug which we both took almost too seriously. We hugged intimately, like hungry lovers. I rested my head on his shoulder in anticipation of him leaving, not wanting him to go. As I pulled away I felt awkward. I wasnt sure if it was appropriate for us to kiss, or if he was ready to take that step. Our eyes met and his lips moved towards mine. They touched like they were meant for each other. There was so much emotion, everything in the universe seemed to temporarily stop. A kiss this good is a rare thing and combine that with amazing conversation and a weird sense of caring for a stranger, I recognize how special it is. Its funny how easily you can disregard these things when you are younger. I honestly cant think of any way that kiss could have been more perfect. It wasnt even just a kiss, it was a whole mouth experience. Soft, playful, responsive, tongue, then more tongue. Omg so much tongue! Its usually never enough. Eventually our lips no longer felt constrained by kissing boundaries and instead rubbed and felt their way around in a playful dance. Once our lips found cheeks, I rested my forehead on his shoulder in disbelief. “Oh my god” I said, as I sat there dazed and completely overwhelmed.   I was speechless.