I went to visit my family for the new year. It was good to see them, but it was also difficult. My sister has a drinking problem, so on nye she ended up getting belligerently drunk. So drunk she couldn’t walk. So drunk she shouted “fuck y0u” to my mom and I, in a seemingly joking manner, more than once. You can imagine how NOT funny it was. It was actually sad and extremely hard to watch. I opted for a legally stoned NYE instead of partaking in too much alcohol.

When I am with my family I realize how similar I am to them, but I also feel incredibly alienated.  Just to recap a couple highlights… The first day I was there my mom suggested I drop out of UC Berkeley and get a degree online. The third day I was there she proclaimed that the best thing about 2017 was that we were “no longer under OBAMA’s tyranny”. I now know when to keep my mouth shut. I’m actually relatively good at it, which I consider an accomplishment.

The thought never occurred to me that I would have to deal with politics during my trip. For some reason I still think of my mom as the liberal whom I grew up with. Its bizarre to think of how much she has changed, or perhaps its only my perception of her that has changed.